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Part Two

I've been working on this story and it's 31 pages.... but I'm stuck. Any suggestions? Maybe questions of stuff you don't understand. The dragon and the girl need to have a confrontation but I can't figure out how. This is the second 1/2 of the story.... it was tooo long too post thje whole thing.

She wakes up late the next day and runs to class, without breakfast. The teacher comments about her getting there just in time. She does her studies learns her history. Lunchtime comes and around and she’s starving. But the teacher detains her to talk about what happened yesterday. She again says it was nothing. She leaves the classroom rushing to grab something. On her way she hears her name being called. It was her teammate showing her a new magic spell he can cast. She says that’s nice, but she needs to grab some lunch before it closes. She’s walking backwards and bumps into the boy she punched. He’s being a jerk and holding her up with his friends. After a while she gets away and walks right up to the lunch line... she waits and waits, and it closes right infront of her. Disappointed she hits her head against the wall. She gets tapped on the shoulder and she spins and snaps at the person. It’s the cute boy and he says “That’s a bummer you missed lunch” with both hands behind his back. “It happens she says. He says, “well you know” pulling both hands infront of him, “I have an extra lunch, if you’re interested.” She looks at him for a second, and then reaches for the bag. He pulls it back, “On one condition, you sit with me, maybe we could start a game.” She replies, “I save your life, and you taunt me in return.” He quotes her by saying “it just happened.” Her tummy growls, he say, “Your stomach is on my side...” She looks down curses her need for food, and admits defeat.

So they sit down one a bench in a courtyard and she opens the bags. It’s a sandwich thing and some fruit. The boy explains what it is, and get his chess set out. It floats between them and he loads the two decks up. He explains that the teams are the same stats so she can understand the game. She sits crossed legged and stares at the board as he explains. He moves a piece by saying a command. She moves a piece, and this goes on. She eats her sandwich thing as the pieces move on. At one point it looks like he’s winning. She looks at the board as he points out where she made a mistake, she pushes the button and calls three commands out as the pieces fight. He loses one and she calls out another command and he loses another piece, and she calls another command, and the bishops take out his king just as the last piece of his kills her. He sits there dumb founded as the game states “the winner is blue team”. She finishes her sandwich and takes out her apple thing. She nodds at him toasting the applething and says thanks for lunch, a lesson in battle chess, and have a nice day.

She walks off confidantly while eating her apple thing and heads toward class. Class was the same she learned stuff... I’m not sure what. In the middle of class a teacher comes in and asks if he could see her. The professor agrees and she leaves the class. She follows the teacher out down the hall into a room. The room is small and round. He asks her to stand on the middle of a pedestal and hold her arms out. He examines her. Looks in both of her eyes, takes her tempature and does a bunch of different tests. He asks her a series of questions about magic and spells. Most of it she’s never heard of. He brings in a bow and arrow and asks her to shoot at a target. She fires at the target, hitting most of the time. Another teacher comes in and they talk in a language she can’t understand (I think). She gets the feeling they’re talking about her. She asks what it’s about? They don’t answer her. Finally, one teacher says I can’t figure out how she did it. None of the signs are there. The other one says, the man in black will have to deal with her. They start talking and stop noticing she’s there. She picks up her bag and goes back to class. On her way she bumps into the man in black he asks her where she is going. She replies she’s going back to class that this teacher asked to speak to her about some stuff. He asks what, she replies, she wasn’t sure, because it wasn’t in english. He pauses and lets her go. She stops him and is about to say something, but realizes she doesn’t know what to say. Makes up something lame, like she beat the team captain in battle chess at lunch. She goes back to class and the lesson is near finished. After it’s over her teacher asks her to stay and hands her the notes. She pauses and waits for some questions, but that’s all he wanted.

She goes to the library to do some homework. She hears two boys talking, and the sound of a book dropping and them scurry off. She thinks nothing of it and goes back to work. After a while she hears a voice talking and she looks to see if anyone else heard it. She goes back to work and here’s it talking again. She gets up and looks over the desk and a book is talking. She closes it and puts her books away. She looks over in that second and opens a few more books, none of them talk. She writes down the title of the book and goes to the front desk. The desk is extremely high and she puts the book on the desk and climbs up the stairs. The tall librarian asks her what he can do for her. She explains she found this book on the ground and it was talking to her. The librarian looks at her oddly. She explains she heard to boys talking a book fall and them scurry off and that ten minutes later the book was talking to her. It even called out her name. The libraian laughed at her and explained someone must have played a cruel joke on her, because while this place is magical, books don’t talk, and if they do they don’t know our names they just read the stories. He picks up the books and looks at the binding for a call number... and then at the back. Funny, he says, there’s no call number. Maybe it’s a new book. He calls over another libraian and tells her someone was slacking on labeling books. With that the girl thanks him and walks off puzzled. She goes back to her room and lays down on her bed. No one’s in the room. She looks out the window and can swear our of the corner of her eye she saw something silver move. She looks over in the bathroom and under the table and low on the ground under the beds. She gets up and hears the door open. She jumps up startled to see her team mates. They ask her what she was doing. She said she could have sworn she saw something. She shakes her head. It must have been nothing. They start putting their stuff away, and she asks how their classes were. The little one asks her why the teacher wanted to see her. And the other little one asks about the other teacher too. She says he wanted to run some tests, I’m not sure what for. He was speaking in language that I couldn’t understand. And the other teacher wanted to give me notes. The guy friend asks, where she was at lunch. She explains that teacher stopped her to ask questions and then she ran into one of the little ones who showed her a spell he can cast, and then into the boy she punched who stalled her and then the caf closed.

One of the little ones pointed out she didn’t eat breakfast either. She said yeah she woke up late. Another one added, you must be hungry. She said she got lucky and the cute boy had an extra lunch. Unfortunately she had to play him in chess for it. The guy friend chuckled to himself. The guy friend opens the door as they head to dinner and finds a box on the ground. He picks it up, and it’s addressed to the girl. He opens it up and reads “good game”. She looks at him and there’s a rose like flower in it. He dances with it as she watches him. She shakes her head and says when he’s done he can put it on her bed and she walks toward the door. After they leave the room the flower instantly dies, and silver bugs crawl out of it. The eat dinner and all that jazz. *dragon left them*

Sometime, I don’t know when during school they learn about long distance weapons in class. So that after noon they’re firing arrows.

Saturday comes and her guy friend goes to practice. At practice, the guy friend makes a comment about the boy sending her a flower. The boy says he didn’t send any flowers. She watches them from the window. There’s a knock on the door and it’s the man in black. He wants the rest of them to start doing physical activity. He tells them to meet him in the courtyard in 10 minutes. They meet them down there and he tells them he wants them to run to that wall and back. (SOMETHING NEEDS TO PROMPT THIS) They do that for about and hour. He takes down their first fastest time out of three or so. And says they can’t stop until they beat it. It takes them a few tries but they eventually get it. The pause to breath she sees the team practicing. The man in black hits her. She wasn’t listen to him. He tells them now they have to get to the top of the wall. One does magic and the other does too. She sighs and stairs at the wall. She looks back at the teacher and tells him he’s crazy. He tells the other two they’re done. He waits for her to climb the wall. He says he can keep waiting, but that if he misses the dragon dinner, she’s going to be training for the rest of the night. She shakes her head and looks at the wall again. She tries to climb it but falls. After a bit he makes her run to the wall and back and tells her to try again. He says that ever ten minutes she’s on the ground she’s gotta do that again. This goes on for a while. The team is finished practicing and they walk over to watch. Her guy friend tells her she can do it. She doesn’t say anything because the man in black makes her run. The cute boy walks up to the other two who have been watching and asks how long has this been going on for. They explain they finished two hours ago and had been out here three hours prior. They had finished the wall early because they can just blink up. But he’s making her climb it. She starts to climb it and get up about 1/2 way. She looses her grip and falls. He tells her to get up and run. She gets up and runs back. He yells at her telling her she’s giving up and not giving it her all. She starts climbing again. She gets up a little over 1/2 way, and he tells her to drop down. She jumps and he tells her to run and that’s she’s not doing it fast enough. She runs at it starts to rain. This goes on for a while, and he keeps yelling at her. Her team starts to complain. The man in black tells them they can go in anytime they wish. They decided to go in being the fact they’re cold and wet. The man in black tells her to drop down and do laps. As she’s climbing again this time, he tells her that her team deserted her. She touches the top this time and he tells her to drop. The cute boy says, that’s enough. The man replies no it’s not. And says that the boy has to get ready for his dinner celebration. The boy tells her she can do it. After much hesitation he leaves. The man uses this to fuel his put downs. This does on for another hour as the rain gets harder and colder. She climbs and scratches he face and the wound opens again. The warm blood drips down her face and she climbs the wall, the pressure is pushing hard, the water, the taunts, the pain. Finally she flips over and is laying on the roof as the rain covers her face she feels like she’s swimming. She can’t move. A hand extends out to her. It’s the guy friend helping her up along with the other two. The man in black walks in and pats her on the back. She glares at him and his comment and walks to her room. *later on the team explains they felt like they were holding her back or the man told them to leave, or they couldn’t bear watching her in pain.*

She changes quickly and meets her team at dinner. Her face is slightly bleeding. She’s still breathing hard. The boy she punched taunts her, but she supresses her anger. Her teammate hands her a rag to wipe it with. It stops the bleeding. (MAYBE IT SHOULD JUST BE A SCRAPE) The teacher is talking and talk and talking. mentions something about tonights food. Food is handed out and the man in black passes her saying “aren’t you glad to eat now that you’ve worked so hard.” She says nothing to him as food is put in front of her. She looks at it and pokes it as the boys eat. She feels so sick she can’t eat. After dinner the award ceremony is happening. They explain from the dragons bones armor and weapons are made for those who defeat the dragon. They call up the cute boy to give out the gifts for his members. He starts handing them out. He is awarded a breast plate, while each team member is awarded something. One receives a gaunlet type of thing, another a cape made dragons wings, some gets a few throwing daggers, another boots/shin guards. He calls up the girl . She’s confused and walks up. She’s dizzy and feels sick to her stomach. He awards her with archery bracers for her bravey. *I think everyone should get the bracers and she later gets a necklace from him. She accepts the award and stands among the rest of the members. They are beaming with joy and proud, while all she does is slightly smile. She walks down from the platform and is slightly tripped by a student, to be exact the boy she punched eariler. She staggers and sits back down. Music is being played and desert served. Her teams are enjoying themselves. After a while her internal fighting eats up at her and she goes to her room. She puts her bracers under her pillow and lays down on the bed. And closes her eyes.

She is aburptly woken up by some noise. She falls out of bed grabbing her sword holding it out. She opens her eyes and most is blurry. She see’s someone standing infront of her and a figure farther behind him standing. She gets up holding out her sword trying to regain her vision back. The person infront of her speaks up she can’t her him she only hears a voice saying “I’m going to do more than hurt you.” She gets nervous and tells him to stay back. The voice tells her he can feel her fear and it’s delightful. He also says he might just kill the boy to hear her scream. She panics and tells the boy to look out for the man behind him. She walks toward the figure she sees the blur of and he says that he’ll get her another day and disappears. She slightly relaxes and is touched from behind and jump and turns. She can hear the cute boy’s voice asking her if she’s ok. She blinks and reaches out for him. He asks what’s wrong, she says everything is blurry. At this time the rest of her team walks in and see the two of them alone. The guy friend makes a crack about leaving them alone. The cute boy asks one of them to get the nurse here. One goes off another one asks what happened. The cute boy says she says she can’t see. She looks away from her team, trying to hide her weakness. The nurse comes with the man in black. She’s bubbly and full of cookies. The girl is sitting on the table, the nurse asks what’s wrong, the girl says her vision is blurry and she saw a man shining in white. The nurse walks up to her and says oh dear. The man in black looks over to the cute boy, who stepped back to give the nurse room. He asks, “What happened?” The boy replies that he noticed she disappeared from the party and went to go find her. When he got to the room he found the door unlocked. When he walked in he saw sleeping and was going to ... doesn’t say what. And then she sprung up with a sword yelling for me to stay back. Then she walked passed me and stopped. Then she told me she couldn’t see. Then her team came up and I told them to get you. Meanwhile the nurse is chattering away trying to figure out what’s wrong. The girl is still exhausted. The nurse asks her what she did today and she said she ran for about six hours and tried to climbed a wall. The nurse guesses it’s probably sand from pure exhaustion. She picks some of it and touches it with her fingertips crushing it. She says that’s funny, there seems to be a deposit of some substance in it. She looks at it closely and looks at the man in black. He walks over and looks at the substance. He tells the cute boy to go get another teacher.

The nurse breaks the ackward silence and rubs an ointment on the girls eyes. It stings a bit. She says to the girl her site will be back in 15 minutes or maybe an hour. The girl sits there quietly. The man in black starts to pace, and the guy friend asks what’s going on? The go to comfort her. The other teacher some back with a few more and they start talking. They wonder what is going on and the man in black mentions a dragon’s name. They speak partially english partial a language the students can’t understand. After they make some agreement. A few of the teachers start casting spells. One the windows and in the bathroom and on the door. They also put one on her bed. The little kid who knows everything is watching them. After they finish the man in black comes up to her. Tells her that she is understrict orders. She can only go to her classes, the cafieteria, and her room and anywhere he tells her to. He asks if that’s understood? She complies. Her will is just gone. The man in black is angry and leaves, he mutters that he doesn’t care if she dies, she brought it on herself. The cute boys walks up by her and sits on the bench near here. The guy friend tries to cheer her up. Says the man in black is just worried about her, he just can’t show it. One of the little kids asks what did they do. The smart kid explains they’re wards of some form. To keep whatever happened out. And the guy friend says like the thing in the bath tub. The other two look at him like “you’re not suppose to tell” and he get quiet very fast and tries to cover up his lie. She turns her head and looks at him. The cute boy is puzzled. She stands and walks up to the guy friend (she still can’ts really see). And he starts to stutter and begs her not to make him tell the man in black told him not too. She stares in his direction listening to him breathe. She says “I see.” Someone gets excited and she says no, she can’t see. She says she’s going to bed. The cute boy says he’ll watch over her. She insists she doesn’t need that and doesn’t want that. He objects and she still says no. He grabs her and turns her to him. He says he has something for her. She’s standing close to him and can sense his movements his shallow breathing and coldness of his dragon bone breast plate. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out a cloth, she can hear some movement. He reaches around her neck to close the necklace. “This is for you” he says, for you swordsmenship (pause) and he whispers in her ear “and for saving my life,” She can feel the warmsth from his face as he stands there close to her. He pauses and she can feel him. He pulls away and says “I hope it can do the same for you in return”. She feels the cold around her neck and cold of a object on her chest. He kisses her hand and bids the others a good night, and he leaves. She stands there for a moment and her team mates say something to her. She just turns and goes to sleep. She lays in the bed and touches the object around her neck it feels like a pointed cross. She stares out her blurry window and falls asleep.

She wakes the next day and still really can’t see. She and showers gets dressed and manages to walk to class. She doesn’t speak to her teammates. She grabs a quick breakfast and goes to class. At class the man in black is talking and asking questions, she doesn’t volunteer or anything and the man of black forces questions out of her. He gives them another lesson in dueling and asks them to pair off. So far, she’s been able to cover the fact she can’t see. She stands there and waits for some student who doesn’t have a partner. The boy she punched comes up to her and says looks like no one else has a partner... it’s just you and me, with a smug look on his face. She can smell it’s him. Her senses have been bizarrely adjusting. She doesn’t say anything and they start. She appears to be putting very little effort into it. They’re pretty evenly matched, even though she is fighting with her off hand. Then he starts to bad talk her. Tells her she think she’s so great because she’s got bone armor. But she’s not. Mocks her and her misfit team. The whole time she remains calm. She smells the cute boy near her and turns in that direction. The boy she punched notices her looking at the boy, and then he notices her necklace as she turned her neck. And starts to attack that. Then he makes a crack/confession, he would have rather seen the team captain die, because then he could be team captian. Because if a person cannot fight for their lives they deserve to die. She looks at him and starts to fight harder. The boy tries to keep up and he keeps teasing her. The fight starts to get visicous. She throws him back. She switches hands. He makes a comment of “oh you’re getting tired so you switched hands” she looks up at him and says no, she was fighting with her off hand. He gets up to defend himself. They fight some more. The fight gets more violent and brings attention to the class. It’s interesting to watch her fight because she keeps touching objects. She knocks him down and yells at him to get up. She starts to take stabs at him with his own words. The whole class now is watching the fight the teacher is currently showing two students a move. She now has him on the floor, weaponless trapped in the corner. The corner of his mouth is bleeding. He’s frightned. She says “weren’t your words if a man couldn’t defend himself he deserves to die?” She pushes the sword near his face spilling blood into his mouth. She states, “you’re bleeding, and afraid. Taste your own blood, and taste the reality of death. she says. She pushes the sword toward his heart and tells him to say uncle/sorry. He mutters... she says no.... say it loud. He breaks in and admits defeat. She lets go and eases up on him. The man in black grabs her by her arm and rings her away from him. He asks what the hell happened. The boy starts to speak up and blames it on her... that she exploded and took it too far. He looks at the boy and the class. She says no. “He said that he would rather see a student die by a dragon. The man turns around and says shocked, and says what?” She contunies, “that if a man alone couldn’t defend himself he deserved to die.“ The boy protested that he didn’t mean it, only tried to get her to falter -- and she had a weakness for the cute boy and he expoltied that and she got angry. She said, “He said he would like to see the cute boy die only so he could be the new captian of the chess team.” The man in black frustrated, tells them both enough. He orders the girl outside. She takes her time, and the man in black tells her to hurry up. He looks at the cute boy and suggests the cute boy to come up with a punishment for him. The man in black goes outside to the girl. He cute boy says he needs to learn humility and he should have to polish the boots of every leader here. As well as their weapons. And tells the class to go back to their lesson.

Meanwhile the man in black runs outside and starts yelling at her. He notices she’s not looking at him. He grabs her by her arm and drags her outside. He pushes her forward to this iron stand. And tells her to stand on it. She feels it and figures out how to climb on it. She gets up and stands on it. Give her a block/book and tells her to put it on her head. Tells her she is to remain standing there until the end of class, that she was out of control and let her emotions get to her. She makes a comment back at him about his temper and he turns at her with a nasty attitude and says “oh? since when are you the teacher? Thanks for the tip.... here’s your reward, you are to stand out here until I come and get you. “She’s about to object but he interrupts with “Say another thing and I won’t come back till tomorrow for your running activity.” And walks off. She stands there in the rain. Class ends and she’s still standing there. Lunch time passes and she’s still standing there. Mid-way through lunch the cute boy walks up to her saying the man in black sent him to check on her. He offers her some grapes but she declines. He puts them in her pocket. She says something bizarre when he approaches that makes him think she can’t see. He leaves and goes to the man in black. He’s in the office room writing something. The boy she punches is scrubing the floor. The boy walks by and dirties the floor because of the mud on this boots. He walks up to the desk and waits for the man in black.

The man in black looks up at him, looks back down at his work and asks what does he wants. The cute boy says, “Sir if I may speak about what happened today.” The man in black looks annoyed and asks what is it. The boy leans in and says “I think she still can’t see.” The man pauses and looks up at him studying him. “What do you mean?” The boy states she was acting different today, by her mannerisms, even her form in fighting was odd. The man looks at the boy and says “You’re telling me she fought a duel and won without being able to see and she never said a word. Why are you wasting my time, that’s impossible.” The boy insisted he wasn’t. The man put down his pen told the boy to stop wasting his time and that he could tell the girl she was free to go to class. The boy still protested but left. The man went back to his work, told the other boy once he finished cleaning that mud up he could go. He paused and turned to look at the girl.

The boy walked up to her and told her she was free to go. She took the book off her head and held if out for him to grab. She looked forward and reached down to hold on the base and helped herself down. The man in black wondered if she was still blind. He got up and went to her next class teacher. He said he was going to sit in the class today and if he could ask her to read.
Meanwhile the cute boy walked her to class. He asked her is she could see. She told him she was fine. He asked her then why wasn’t she looking at him. She snapped, that maybe she didn’t want to look at him. She stormed off feeling around to find her class. Everything was foreign to her. It was like walking into gray with a few color blobs moving by and the only thing she could depend on was sounds and the scent of people. Her frustration was overwhelming. The nurse said she would be able to see in an hour from them, but she couldn’t. She wandered to class and stared at the blurry of a room. She was trying to find someone she recognized and some kicks pushed her because she was blocking the door. She just grabbed a near by empty seat.

The teacher did roll call and looked up at her name... He didn’t see her in her normal spot. He asked the guy friend where she was. She raised her hand and said here I am. This confused her friends as well as the teacher. He went on with the lesson and ask for a volunteer to read. Some hands were raised. He asked the girl to read. She said she didn’t want to. He said that wasn’t an excuse and she still refused. Later on he asked her to read answer the question. She answered it correctly, and then he changed the board and asked her again. She said she didn’t know. She said she couldn’t see the board. Class ended and everyone left. The teacher asked her to stay. She heard comments made by the students as they passed by. The man in black walked up to her. She said looking forward “You’ve been here the whole time haven’t you.” He flips open the book. Points down to a paragraph. “Read it.” She replies. No. They argue for a while until she states, she can’t.

The dragon sent her flowers, and the bugs in there reproduce and blind their victums. Later she’s gonna fall down through something and find the old study of the dead brother. The dragon has been living in there..
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