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Outline Story Part One

I've been working on this story and it's 31 pages.... but I'm stuck. Any suggestions?

Where does the story begin? This is part two because the computer ate my first run of this. Alright there is this girl, and she’s recently stopped going to college. At home she tries to get a job, she tries anything, but it fails and she sinks deeper into depression. The scene ends with her telling her mother she just wants to lay down instead of eating dinner. She falls asleep.

The next morning she is awoken by her mother yelling and screaming with joy. Apparently she had gotten into a college/ school she’s never heard of. Tution for the first year is free, or she earned a scholarship or something. And her mother demands she goes to the orientation. She throws her out of bed and the girl gets ready.

She’s looking at the invitation and it’s localed on a street in NYC. She’s never heard of the place and is a bit skeptical. Adding into the fact her mother was excited and pushing her to do something she never applied for. She listens to music on her headphones as she sits on the train. She walks in the city looking for the location. She finds a small shop matching the address with a dragon on the sign. It’s a store for gaming supplies. Warhammer, card games, you name it. It’s a geek’s paradise. She walks in looking about in amazement and the man says “straight ahead”. She looks at the newspaper the man is hidden behind and she explains she is here for a school meeting. He repeats himself. She repeats and he lowers the paper and quotes the letter and then tells her to go to the door in the back.

She passes a few kids playing cards and see’s an old oak door that looks like it’s going to fall down. She opens it and a huge drop to a green field of grass. She looks back and the man motions to go. She complains there are not stairs and with that the grass moves up, to form stairs. She does a double take. Cautiously she puts her foot on the step. Puts a little more weight on it. And the door slams behind her pushing her out. Not to lose her balance she runs down a few stairs. She looks around her and under the stairs. Astonished, she walks down as she realizes she can’t go back. As she hits the bottom step, the stairs fall back into the ground. Shocked she looks around. Only seeing the castle she walks toward it. She knocks on the large doors but no one answers. She pushes open the door and walks in. The inside kinda looks like that halls of princeton. There’s no information desk let alone signs. She walks around “Hello is anyone there?” pauses, “I’m here for the school.” She listens for voices and walks up to a large wooden door heavy and square. She pushes the door open, and it’s full of kids of all ages. She walks up to a kid and asks “Is this the orienation?” He hushes her up because the teacher is talking. She stands next to him listening to the teacher.

The teacher goes on and explains the school. The teacher says as first year students the focus is on your own improvement so that when the second and third years come, you can support your team. You make your own teams and have your own sponsers. The teacher goes over all the different types of courses, sports offered, things like that. The teacher finishes by saying we have until dinner to meet everyone here and form our own teams by dinner. The teacher steps down and dismisses the group. She makes a b-line for the teacher. She says there’s a mistake that she doesn’t belong here and a zillion other questions. The teacher looks at her and says something to the effect of you should have been here on time, and if I won’t be there to give you the answers when you fight a dragon.

So, she’s annoyed. And stands on the side. How was she going to make friends. This tall lanky boy comes up to her. He introduces himself and has a extremely friendly face. He loves to tell stories and they seem to come to life. She shakes his hand as another boy walks directly up to her with a following of other boys. He introduces himself and implores her to join his group instead of wasting her time with the other guy. She looks at him with her arms crosses and sees how he hurt the nice guy’s feelings. She punches him clear in the face knocking him back and on the ground. She stands 1/2 defensively and comments that she always hated how people felt it was right to emotionally hurt people. Or how people always got away with hurting people emotionally. OR the boy saw what did you do that for. And she replies how sometimes words hurt just as much as fists.

Her new friend is extremely happy as the other boy walks away in the huff. Time passes by and the explore the castle a bit searching for the dinning hall. The guy friend offers to carry her bag and she declines. They go to sit down at the dinner table. Her friend comes back with two smaller kids and says he found two more and that should be big enough. She shrugs she’s not suppose to be here and there are no such things as dragons.

The dinning halls is crazy cool. The ceiling is extremely high and the room is a large circle. There is a large circle table in the middle, followed by three outside 1/2 circle strip tables behind each other. Across from that is a mirrored table that’s elevated higher. It’s the teachers table. Infront of the teachers table is a lower platform with Several stands each holding a crystal ball on it. The center table is empty. The first inner table has third year students, second, second year students, third first year students.

The all sit down and the teacher stands up before everyone. She introduces all the other teachers. Teacher says that all teams should have been decided and each team should decided on sending up a leader with all your names on it. She is going to let you have until dinner to decided that. Dinner is brought out and the girl looks for a fork. But all she can find is on chopstick with a sprial groove around it. She see’s the little boy isn’t using his so she takes it and uses them like chopsticks. The know it all kid, says that she’s doing it wrong and grab a chopstick stabbing it into the kid’s food and pushes the button on top. Out from the top comes a dozen of knives which dices the food into cubes then return into the chopstick. And the child demonstrates that the stick is now used to stab the cubes. She looks at the child and the food and grabs a cube with her made set of chopsticks. They all giggle. During dinner the nice guy friend reccomends that the girl go ask for sponsership. He explains he’s not good at making decisions but offering answers and the other two kinda are young. She’s hesitante, but says she’ll bring the paper up.

After everyone is finished the teacher calls forth the students who are asking for sponsership while the others eat dessert. She walks by the other students, the first years in their different types of clothes and the other students in their uniforms. She notices that some have black unforms while the others have neutral colors that as the years progress grow more with a tint of a color. She steps up on the platform along with about eight other kids. The teacher askes each student to stand infront of a crystal ball. Then the teacher instructs each student to place the paper with their names on it on the ball and leave your hand on it until the ball drops. Some balls drop quicker than others. Hers doesn’t move. She watches others as the ball swirls a color inside and then drops. The boy she punched eariler makes a comment that hers isn’t changing or his will change first. His drops and she’s the only one left standing. She’s nervous and wants to take her hand off, but doesn’t. Some students laugh. She closes her eyes and just wants it to go. She can feel everyone watching her. She feels a warm kingle feeling on her hands and she gets nervous. She looks down and watches the paper leave her hand and melt into the ball. She looks at the color and it’s a deep dark inky black that melts into the ball and forms a shape. She leans over to look at it and catches a glimpse of some shape as the blackness stops filling the ball. She looks at the ball and at the teachers shocked and the ball drops. The Teacher directs students who are these colors to meet whatever teacher at said location.

The teacher looked at the girl and whispered for her to stay here until a sponser comes for her and her team. As the kids move around her team comes up to her. Amongst the students the guy friend asks where are they going. She explains the teacher said to wait here until the sponser came. So they wait and wait. And it gets really really late. The little ones start to doze off. Finally a man in black barges into the room and walks toward the table. He crosses his arms impatiently. She stands up with her guy friend, who wakes the kids. The man in black leads them to their room. He says very little and is cold. They climb stairs that go one forever. He pulls out a key and unlocks the door. Everyone walks in. The room is dusty. One of the little kids complains it dusty. The guy friend asks if we could have some things to clean with. The man in black snaps at the guy friend and tells him to make do for tonight. The girl follows him as he walks out the door, yelling at him to being so nasty to her crew. He grabs her by the arm, hurting her telling her he doesn’t like to get his hopes up and she better not fail him. He hands her the key and says to be up early tomorrow.

Disheartened, she walks back into the room. She tells them that cleaning stuff will be here in the morning and that we all should sleep. She suggests that the guy friend tell the kids a story as she starts a fire. He starts to tell at tale that put the little ones to sleep. She finds non dusty blankets and hands some to him as they tuck in the smaller guys. They talk for a little bit, but he falls asleep quickly. She’s up for a bit, she looks around and see the various of books. She finds this one that seems to call out to her. She sits by the fire reading. The book is a story about a man and a dragon. She hears a noise of someone trying to break in. She hides in the shadow with the a sword taken off the mantle. The dark figure walks in and heads toward her bed. She is standing behind him and he looks over the sheets and pulls them down. He sees they’re just clothes piled up. He backs up confused and looks around as a cold dusty blade touches his neck. Who are you? The man starts to move, she digs it in. “Don’t move just talk. He grabs the swords and trips her. Un masking himself he says something witty. like he was testing her. He isn’t going to deal with weak children, with little daggers. She slam the dagger next to her cutting a rope that pulls him to the ground. She grabs the other sword next to her steps on the one in his hand and holds it to his neck. he says good show as he knocks her down causing her to hit her head and leaves.

The next day they are awoken to a loud knocking on the door. Another professor walks in with cleaning supplies in abundance. He’s singing with glee motivating everyone to clean. The three are amused and cleaning. The girl smiles and goes into the bathroom and begins cleaning in there. By the time they’re done everything sparkles. The teacher drinks from his mug and staggers a bit. By the time they’re done all the dust is gone and the room looks new. The colors are mostly dark colors, like navy, hunter green, and burgendy There are four beds, a small table with two small chairs, a large mad hatter chair by the fire. He sits down on one of the benches and reaches into his pocket. and pulls out four boxes and hands them to each kid. One of this kids open it and say that there are small boot in there. He read the note. One says “Think bigger” another one has a spell on it. The guy sees their boxes grow and starts talking about bigger stuff and his gets larger. The girl opens hers, and finds it empty the a note saying bed. She looks over to her bed and sees nothing on it. She looks around and sits down. She thinks and looks under it. There’s a large box and she pulls it out. It’s her uniform. The teacher tells everyone lunch is being served and you need to be in uniform for dinner. So they go to lunch after washing up a bit. They go back clean up and walk their schedules out. Then they go to dinner. She sees a lot of students are wearing blacks... well a few. She gathers that the other student are leaders too. They eat. She feels like people are staring at her and talking about her. They go to bed for a good night’s rest and school is the next day.

Class schedule:
Two days of classes followed by one day off and two days of more classes followed by a day off.
Second day is a combat, first day is a more learning day.
On the second day early in the morning she has a leadership class that lasts a long time and in the afternoon she has a normal combat class.
First day she has a history class or dragons or something like that. and some other first year courses. Classes go by.

During her leadership combat class the teacher is the man in black. He says they are going to fight that day, so that students learn combat. He wants to know if anyone wants to fight him. Students don’t do anything. He eggs them on and the girl volunteers. The fight and he knocks her down. He says he’d end class early if anyone can even touch him with a sword. She gets back up and says that she wasn’t done. They fight some more, and he knocks her down again. She gets back up and the do this for a while. The gives her a hard hit and she falls down. She moves a little bit but doesn’t get up right away. He goes over to the class again and makes a comment about her. Something like, while she’s determinded does anyone else want to give it a try. The class is hesitant because of the damage she has recieve. They’re also in shock because they see her get back up again, un known the to teacher. While he makes fun of her she walks up behind and hold the sword to his neck. She says “I wasn’t finished.” And cuts him. He drops his sword and says end of class. The class dimisses quickly while she stands there holding the sword to his neck. She lowers the sword and the teacher leaves with the class. After everyone has left, she falls on the ground. After a while she manages to get up. She gathers her stuff and walks out the door. They boy she hit in the face, comes up to her and makes fun of her. He tells her they could have been out quicker if she didn’t waste the time trying to beat the teacher. He brags if had fought the teacher they would have been done faster. The man in black is behind him and puts a hand on his shoulder saying “You know there is time if you feel inclined to put to the test your words.” The boy chokes on his words tripping over this speach and runs away. The teacher looks at the girl and hands her a bottle of water. He tells her do drink that during lunch. He pats her on the shoulder and tells her she leans too much on her left leg (or some dueling term). She replies that she fought with her off hand the whole time. (MAYBE LATER). (during that whole time he points out what she’s doing wrong as he teaches the class)

She looks outside and sees a bunch of boys playing some game of catch. She walks down the halls and goes to lunch. She eats a bit and doesn’t say much during lunch. She’s too busy being sore and in pain. One of the kids needs to go back to the room so she walks with him to the room. She forgets to drink her water. At the afternoon class the leaders teach their groups some tactics they learned in class. The man in black goes around showing pointers to the other students. They pratice with the sword for a bit and with a shield. She sees her team can’t wield a sword well so she gives them a shield alone to try out. She figures if they can master the one they can maybe better understand them both. So she holds out the shield and they try to hit her. And then they switch it. Class was over and they are all asigned to dinner.

They eat dinner and they rest for the evening. She takes a bath to sooth all her wounds. She sits in the bath tube and lets the warm water relax all her muscles, and rub her soothingly. She closed her eyes and calmly rested. The water slowly started to turn silver until she was sitting in a pool of silver. The water slithered up her around around her coiling like a snake until a dragon head formed out of is and whispered in her ear “kill you.” It did that tongue thing in her ear. She must have screamed because the next thing she saw was the man in the black along with her friends in the bathroom pulling her out of the water. And it all went black.

The man in black pulled her out of the water and wrapped her in a towel and took her out of the bathroom. She looked at the guy friend and asked if she drank a bottle of water during lunch. He said he wasn’t sure, but if she didn’t it would be in her bag. He runs over to her bag and bring over the bottle barely finished. The man opens the bottle and force feeds her. She drinks it and coughs but it barely concious. He lays her in her bed and puts a blanket it on her. He turns to the others and tells them she needs to drink another two bottles in the morning or when she wakes. The guy friend asks what happened. He said she recieved too much magic damage eariler that day. Magic is like a poision is makes you delusional if you use too much of it. That why we drink water. The man sees the book on the floor. He pauses and looks back at the guy friend. If anything happens tonight make sure you come and get me. And with that he left. Looking back at the book.

The next day she wakes up with a headache. I had the strangest dream. She notices she doesn’t have any clothes on and looks around. No one was up yet so she changed in her clothes. It was her day off, but she had much homework to do. She waited for her team to wake up and read her book some more. She saw the boys from the other day playing that catch game again. After a while the guy friend wakes up and they all go to breakfast. The little ones go to research while the guy friend and her head toward the library as the guy friend explains to her his homework. For his homework he has to describe an emotion and tell a story about it. Somehow they start talking about Love, and she thinks he’s crazy. The study for a bit until she gets fed up with his crazy stories about love. She walks outside and see the boy playing that game. Stops to watch as one of the balls goes off course toward her. The guy friend catches and hands it to her. He says he has to run to meet with his study group. She nodds and walks over to the boys. One motions for the ball and she tosses toward him. She stops and watches. A cute boy walks up to her. She asks what they’re doing. The boy says they’re praticing catching for battle chess. She says wow, you’ve been praticing for a long time. He looks at her funny. She points up to her window in the tower and says she saw them practicing early this morning. He looked up at the window, and then back to her smiling. He suggested she go to the game on the next day off, to find out more about it. She smiles back and says sure. The ball gets thrown toward him and she catches it. Hands it to him and says she’ll see him later.

She goes to dinner that night and she talks to her crew for a bit. She sees the boy and his team sitting at the other table and she sees he’s a year older than her. Regardless, she finishes her dinner pricking her finger on one of the spikes/spoon fork things. *she does this every dinner*

Saturday comes and she goes to the game. She goes to a few games. She enjoys the sport and watches it often. She’s even caught them playing a few times on the field, she’d sit and watch draw or study while it went on. Usually far off so she wasn’t noticed.

One Saturday, her and her team sit in the bleachers and watch the game of chess. The field is large and each person is a piece. While they’re all students they are ranked by what piece they are. Those training are pawns, and those more advanced students are other pieces. Also the better pieces are armed with more weapons and gear. She watches as up in the stand tower the captain of each team commands the pieces to move. Two pieces meet for an attack and the ground moves upward and the pieces fight. This goes on for a while. She and her party are standing next to a statue which holds a bow and arrow pointed at the field. She’s looking at this and follows the arrows sight. It points directly at the center of the field and she can see it begining to dip down. consuming the players. No one notices at first because there are two fights going on at once. She stands up next to the statue and notices a shadow come over the field. She looks at the sun and sees a winged creature. Her team mates see her standing and are cheering on the fight. She looks over to the cute boy and sees him realize the field has dipped down and he looks at the captain who also sees this. As she looks at the other captian he’s knocked out of the stand and into the dip of ground by a dragon as it swoops and grabs a chess piece. The teachers move but notice the queen is being held. (or should it be king?) She see’s the dragons’ focus is on the teachers and the cute boy. She touches the bow on the statue tries to loosen it. She askes one of her team mates if he still has the rope from before. She fires an arrow accross the field above the dragon and ties it down she motions to a student across from her to tie it down. She steps up and walks on the rope taking her guy friend with her. Meanwhile the dragon is smelling the cute boy and having a conversation with him. He’s preoccupied as the two cross over. She motions to her guy friend to make a spell around the dragons arm. She ties her friend to the rope and aims an arrow at the small of his neck. At the same time the arrow is fired the spell is cast causing the dragon to drop the girl into the pit/ditch. She girl leaps on to it’s back and runs up by the back of it’s head. The rope is broken by the dragon and the guy friend swings down toward the bottom of the pit. He gets all the archers to shoot upward at the dragon.

Meanwhile the dragon feels the pain and it temporaily blinded. She turns his head as she holds onto the arrow. He smells and says something in dragon talk. He goes back to the boy and sneers at him. He looks like he’s about the strike. She reaches for her sword and accidently drops her water bottle. She quickly steps on it to prevent it from falling. She stops it and it’s safe, she goes into stab the wound in the back of his neck and she digs in the sword it moves and the glass breaks spilling the liquid and burns the dragon. She grabs another bottle and pours it on the weapon stabbed in the dragon. At the same time the students below are firing arrows. The dragon attempts to fly away while the girl is still on it. Arrows keep fireing at it as it flies high in the sky. She ties another rope around her waist and the bucks and kick trying to get her off. she sticks an arrow in another flask of her and fires it at his wing. it misses but she tries again. He’s now got a huge hole in his wing and begins to fall. It spins as she runs around it trying to to be crushed by it. it falls, and she rolls off and gets back to standing with a sword in her hand. It falls on its back swats at her pinning her to the ground. She’s face to face with this dragon and it whips a cut across her face and says it’s going to enjoy killing her even if the master said not to.... not like the master could do anything to him since he’s going to die anyway. It whips it’s tongue out and the v stops right at her neck as it goes limp and dies. She use the last of her water to burn it’s tongue away from her and she tries to wiggle herself free. She gets free and stands up. People are running toward her. The man in black is there, He looks at the belly of the dragon in shock at all the arrows as the other students (who played the chess game) run up to her. The one who was captured by the dragon says “That was a great plan you had, thank you.” So to the students, well some of them she’s the hero. The boy she punched seems to be upset.

The other teachers keep the other students from running up to the dragon. One teacher walks up the the man in black and looks at the body of the dragon... “Wow you’ve done a number on this one. I wonder which one he is... or which pack he belongs to.” He man in blacks say the dragons name calmly and coldy, he looks concerned, and changes subjects by telling everyone to get inside, he walks with the girl to the nurse’s office with other students who are hurt. The other teacher gets a clean up crew to pick up the dragon.

Dinner is going to be later than usual.

She sits in the nurses office and watches some of the students get healed. She was holding a towel to her face to clean up the blood, but now she just let it bleed. Most of the wounds were magic damage wounds from the game, and the kid who was captured had a few scratches. The man in black sat there waiting watching the girl. It made her feel uncomfortable like she needed to confess her inner thoughts to him. The nurse comes up to her and looks at her wound. She asks her to do a few random things. Stand up hold out both arms. Makes a comment about she’s surprised you’re bleeding from game of battle chess... someone must of brought the wrong weapon to game. She gets this large maginfy glass and holds it toward the girls face. She goes to the cabinet and grabs a needle some thread and a few bottles and cotton. She examines it for stuff and says, So was this a sword cut, arrow? sling? She girl doesn’t say anything. “No.” Then woman asks what was it, as she asks that she sees something. The man in black says “a dragon’s tongue.” she realizes this as he says it. And the woman says something cute, like how you got into that pickle, or I guess the boys aren’t enough for you. The man in black looks at the girl right in her face. She averts her eyes and the woman puts some oinment on her face. “To be exact, a very little dragon who is part of a very large and powerful group of dragons.” The nurse pricks the man in black and he moves back “ow”. She said oops pulled the thread too far... she asks the man in move out of the light and let her do work. He steps back and tells her she will see him bright and early for class tomorrow. And walks out. The nurse comforts her. Tells her that he’s just hard on everyone since his brother died. His brother was killed by a dragon many years ago. By some name “insert name” Use to be the best teacher in this school. Taught him everything he knows. I guess he feels he let him down or something. He’s just a grump. And then she asks why did the girl do it, or how it happened. The girl replies she doesn’t know, it just happened. *edit: I think it might be his baby brother, who he taught everything to, or he was the baby off and his brother saved his life.”

The nurse is finished and lets the girl go. Tells the girl to come back in three day or so to have it checked on. The girl looks in the mirror and says but there aren’t any stiches. And with that she sees them glow in blue like a shine. “Nevermind. I see them.” She walks in the hall ways and back the room. There she sees her guy friend playing chess with the two other kids. She looks at the floating board, where did you get that? He explains it was left here for us. And explains the cool features. That there are cards you slide in and that will give stats for each piece, it’s done by DNA and chance. Infact you can even ren-enact todays game and find out who one. You know minus the dragon thing. Someone makes an illusion of a mini dragon sweeping across the field. She says wow. how interesting. And she’s going to shower before dinner. While she’s in the shower, the cute boy comes back. The guy friend invites him in. the boy notes they are playing with the chess set he’s left for left for them. The guy friend says thanks and how great it is. And shows him how it would have ended. He laughes. The guy friend says she’s in the shower, but he can stay and wait. So the boy stays and waits. The guy friend says this is how this battle ends, but the cute boy explains you forgot people can throw things to other team mates, and shows the advantage of having two fights at once.

The girl showers and starts to dry off. She puts on her clean uniform and looks in the mirror as she dries her hair. Her stitches shine again, and she says “that’s always going to creep me out.” She opens the door and puts her other clothes in the hamper and grabs her boots. Not noticing the boy, she asks “so who won?” as she sits down and puts her boots on. The guy friend explains and then the cute boy chimes in as she almost finishes getting her boots on. She looks up and stands up. The cute boy stands up and walks toward her. The guy friend says that the cute boy is the one who gave them the chess set. The girl says “what” and the cute boy chimes in that actually it was the team who decided to give the chess set to you, in thanks. She looks at him and her friends. She sits back down tieing the rest of her boot. It was nothing really, I just happened that’s all. She walks over to the closet and gets her coat. The boy insists, but you saved my life... I didn’t have a team to help me against the dragon. She corrects him saying actually it was a team effort, if the guy friend didn’t have the ability to do magic, the other person would have died. And if it wasn’t for the team below firing arrows the both of them would have died. But the boy says if it wasn’t for her instruction they wouldn’t have done it. Her hair falls out of place, and he reaches to move it. She pauses and the dinner bell rings. She moves away from him and suggests he shouldn’t he be going so he can have dinner with his party. And she rushes the others our.

They go to the dinning hall and sit down. She fixes her hair. Her guy friend says with a smirk on his face, “I think you like him.” She looks up at him shocked and says she doesn’t. It just happened.” And her hair fell back again. He went to press on, but the teacher interuppted the students. The teacher explained about todays events and what happened. Also how while, heroic deeds did happen, that students shouldn’t get vision on gradure in their head. Part of it was luck for some, and for others (she looks at the chess team) it was skill. A month from now we will be having a celebration award ceremony for the cute boy and his team.

The girl makes a face at her guy friend saying I told you so. The teacher goes on for an annoucement, that the guy friend will be a new addition to the chess team. The guy friend is very excited. There is no mention of the girl being part of a team. They have a toast and eat dinner. The boy she punched eariler comes up to her and mocks her for not being on the team. Her guy friend says probably they don’t have a position for her yet. Cause he’s a magic user and she isn’t. The girl says nothing and eats. The other boy she punched is annoyed and eggs her own more. She pauses, and asks if he’s finished. He doesn’t know how to answer and says yet. She tells him good, and that he’s probably got some dinner that is more important than mocking her. Dinner is finished and they go back to their rooms. She sits on her bed and reads. The kids play some more chess. There’s a knock at the door. It’s the cute boy. She looks up from her book sees him and contunies reading. He has a box in his hand. He tells the guy friend there is a practice on the third day. The guy friend is excited. The cute boy looks over to the girl and is about to say something but instead bids them a good night. After the door closes, the guy friend says. I still don’t get why you’re not on the team too. She replies from her reading, because they are making an example of me. If they reward me they’ll have more kids sticking out their necks and doing stupid stuff. The guy friend insists it’s not stupid. She pauses. They just don’t want people to get hurt. I’m being punished and rewarded. They cancel out so I get nothing. End of story. He protests, but she says she’d done talking about it..

After a while as usual, the three fall asleep and she’s still up. She starts to doze as she hears a tapping at her door. She goes to the door opens it and says “C’mon, you weren’t even trying. And then sees the cute boy, not the man in black. He looks at her funny and asks if he can come in. She agrees. He asks if she would like to play a game of chess... she says she’s had enough for today, as well as he should have had his fill. They sit and talk for a bit. He says thank you again. She says it was nothing. He asks why she did it. She just she doesn’t know it just happened. She saw the field fall down and then the dragon and acted on instinct. He says he’s noticed her watching them practice. She blushes and said she was just curious, she’d never seen battle chess before. He looks at his watch and she realizes she need to be up early and he realizes he does too. He says good night and she closes the door. *maybe something more should be said*

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