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Video Game Character

Alright, last night, all throughout the night I was having these weird dreams. I couldn't retell any of them right now, but I thought of an interesting main character or side character for a video game. The game would be a modern RPG, which would be interesting, because it's only been attempted like once or twice before. Here's the rundown of a few characters.

Hero - (I always name the main character hero until I find a better name, sometimes I don't find a better name and he remains hero until the end of the project. It confuses my teacher, I love it.) Hero is a suburban teenager with a pension for mischief, he has a skateboard, trusty spray paint, rotten eggs, etc. He enters the city to vandalize some property. He is eventually cornered by some policemen and thrown in juvenile, where our story begins.

Warren - A teenaged asian kid who lives in the city. He has been in juvenile for the past two years on and off. He'll make time off, live with a foster home or an orphanage in the city, get a hold of drugs, waste himself, and get thrown right back in. He has taken a few too many acid tabs and way too much ecstasy for his own good. He sees himself living in an interesting world filled with acidic colors and insubstantial objects. He develops powers that only he can see and can sometimes mimic his past trip experiences.

Car - Car is not this guy's real name, he just happens to be the guy with the car. I don't even know how he gets stuck with the other two, but he is driving along by juvenile hall when Hero and Warren break out thanks to Warren's acidic abilities. The two rush to the car, they get a ride, and then things just happen to get them to stay together. The only thing missing now is the fourth seat of the car. Car's real name is David, but nobody cares about that, its his car that people care about. He's not the nicest guy, but he's not a delinquent, just an asshole. He's older than the other two guys, being in his mid to upper twenties. His car is a dark green 96 Buick Skylark.

Girl - I don't have a name for her yet. She is a country girl, coming to the city to make it big. She happens to get kicked out of a waitress job and is mugged by a stranger. She is cut with a knife on her arm, and is bleeding on the sidewalk when the three guys find her. Car suggests taking her to the hospital while Warren says that it's out of the question, they are 'outlaws.' Hero looks in the glove compartment and finds a first aid kit and a bottle of whiskey. He douses the cut with the whisky (much to Car's chagrin) and begins to bandage the cut up. He tells everyone, "I saw it on the Discovery channel once." Girl passes out and when she finally wakes up, is on the other side of the city with the three guys and is now coming along for the ride.

I have no idea where the game is going, but I was thinking an interesting plot of joining up with the underworld, going to past acquaintances, and getting Warren more drugs. There might be something about getting Car a new car, and maybe having Girl get famous, or fall in love, or something. There will probably be a few more characters, but these are the only ones I've thought of so far. I'm thinking that some of their enemies will be police officers, other delinquents, and maybe even bounty hunters out for their rewards.

Let me know what you guys think, if you have any suggestions or whatnot, and any other character ideas. I'm trying to keep it based in reality, except for Warren's strange abilities. I have a feeling that at some point in the game he will go through serious withdrawal and will need to be taken care of while he can't use his 'powers.'

Peace out guys.
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